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How to get a Two Star Rating

The following outlines the process required to apply for a two star rating for your center:

Complete Quality Start Center Self Assessment

Enroll and submit staff qualifications and career development information for all staff to Louisiana Pathways Child Care Career Development System

Create Quality Start portfolio using the Quality Start Center Self Assessment for documentation needed to pass the verification visit. Be sure to include copies of all staff qualifications information sent to Louisiana Pathways

Submit completed 2-5 star application with all required documentation listed below:


A Staff Qualifications Audit will be requested from Louisiana Pathways by the Child Care Quality Start Specialist (CCQSS), which must meet the requirements for two star level. Two audits are allowed to meet requirements.

A scheduled verification visit will be held by CCQSS and the following will be reviewed:


Licensing Review for zero deficiencies and/or complaints.

Office of Family Support (OFS) Fraud review for zero investigations.

Two Star awards will be effective the first day of the month following completion of and processing of all of the required components. In no event will an award be made effective for any period prior to completion of all required components.

NOTE: In order to apply for a three to five star rating, a center must wait six months from the effective date of the star award. During this time the center should schedule practice ERS assessments and enroll in needed classes in order to prepare for the three to five star levels. A center must be in operation for six months with the current license before applying for a two to five star rating.

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