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Another Way to Earn Quality Start Points

One of the ways to earn points in the Program component of the Quality Start model is to actively monitor children’s social and emotional development. Unlike screening tools designed to assess general development (e.g., physical, cognitive, or language development) or to guide the use of programmatic curricula, the following social-emotional screening instruments have been carefully selected for centers to use because they screen specifically for social-emotional problems, have strong psychometric properties, and are easy to use. It is strongly recommended that centers choose their screening instrument from this list:

Ages and Stages: Social Emotional (ASQ:SE)
Age range: 6-60 months
Languages: English, Spanish
Developmental domains screened:
  • Self-regulation
  • Autonomy
  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Affect
  • Interaction with people
Approximate time to complete: 10-15 minutes
Approximate time to score: 1-3 minutes
How to get it: Click here to purchase
  • Set of forms, activities pages, and User Guide – $199 (on paper or on CD-ROM)
  • Set of forms only $125
  • Training video available $49.95
Early Childhood Screening Assessment (ECSA)
Age range: 18-60 months
Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian
Developmental domains screened:
  • Emotional and behavioral symptoms
  • Maternal distress and depression
Approximate time to complete: 5-10 minutes
Approximate time to score: 1-2 minutes
How to get it: Email Dr. Mary Margaret Gleason at mgleason@tulane.edu
Cost: None
Brief Infant-Toddler Social Emotional Assessment (BITSEA)
Age range: 12-36 months
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hebrew
Developmental domains screened: Emotional and behavioral problems and strengths
Approximate time to complete: 7-10 minutes
Approximate time to score: 5 minutes by hand, 3 minutes by computer

*Requires professional interpretation of results by a mental health or special education specialist trained in early childhood assessment.
How to get it: Click here to purchase
Cost: Starter kit (manual, 25 parent forms, 25 child care forms) – $99

Refill packs of 25 forms – $35
Preschool Kindergarten Behavioral Scale (PKBS)
Age range: 36-72 months
Languages: English and Spanish
Developmental domains screened:
  • Social skills deficits
  • Problem behaviors (internalizing and externalizing)
Approximate time to complete: 12 minutes
Approximate time to score: Not reported
How to get it: Click here to purchase
Cost: Manual – $71

Set of 50 forms – $41
Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale and Screener (TABS)
Age range: 11-71 months (recommended only for 11-36 months)
Languages: English
Developmental domains screened: Temperament and self-regulation with 4 scales:
  • Detached
  • Hypersensitive-active
  • Underreactive
  • Dysregulated (not specifically mental health related)
Approximate time to complete: 5 minutes
Approximate time to score: Not reported
How to get it: Click here to purchase
Cost: Manual, pad of 25 screeners and packet of assessment tools – $85

Pack of 50 screener forms – $25

Other Screening Methods May Be Accepted.

Other social–emotional screening instruments may be considered.  If a center wishes to submit a measure for approval, the following information will be required as part of that submission: 

  1. The psychometric properties of the measure, including published reliability and validity statistics. Please include the reference for this source, including author and year.
  2. The domains measured that specifically relate to social and emotional development.
  3. The ages for which the instrument is approved for use.
  4. The publisher or author of the instrument.
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